The Beginnings of a Change of Seasons

As we grow older, our families grow older and the days pass, seasons change...life seasons that is.

I find myself coming to one of those changes. I feel it in my bones and while I am not quite sure what the final landscape will look like, I do know that I am beginning to embrace it.

Nechako Notionary is the beginning of that acknowledgement of change. This blog is an extension of the BB Butts Diapers business (for now) and will be the place where my non diaper adventures land.

Why this name? Well, I live on the Nechako River in Northern British Columbia...literally it is my back yard. The photo is a winter sunset over the frozen Nechako River taken from my back door. Notionary...well it turns out it is a real word! This blog will be all about what I do with fabrics and notions and the space of mine which is full of those items.

I have been thankful for BB Butts Diapers and all it has brought to me personally as well as to my family, but I feel a change coming. Our children are growing. One is out on his own and the youngest soon begins school. My interests, and our family, and dynamics are changing rapidly these days. I no longer have cute little bottoms to place lovingly created diapers on. I am not stopping making diapers...lord knows I have enough fabrics to keep me in business for a quite a time and I am determined to use them up! While I am not stopping the diapers, I am starting to explore other items and options in my business.

With these changes I for see a different audience. One that has older children or perhaps no children at all. Some may still have littles in diapers but I suspect most will not, so I am creating a new home for this new community.

Welcome...I have much to do to build the blog still. This will be a work in progress over time.

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