Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Series Debut

Beginning next week, I am debuting a new series. The question is what to call it?

  • Sewing After Weightloss
  • Sewing for a Changing Body
  • Sewing for a body that used to have big b**bies but now has smaller ones
  • Sewing for this strange thing that houses my brain and vital functions.
  • Sewing for a stranger that is YOU...

Luckily, I began in the winter. I thought I could "hide" it and just wear my clothes until Spring. Well that worked.... kinda... you know, until I realized I could stick a roast on each butt cheek in my jeans; until my yoga pants fell down at yoga; until someone said I needed a new smaller winter jacket; and my shoes got all clicky sounding like flip flops because they are now too big. We will not speak of bra fitting...well not yet anyhow ;)

As self effacing as some may think this post is, it is actually full of pride. I had told few people I was beginning this journey because I was afraid of failure. My weight had been quite stable for many years and even  postpartum (times two) I bounced right back within a pound or two. It was not a healthy weight however. It was not a body I was proud of, not shameful of (most of the time), but not proud either. It was a body that even though my weight was the same, I was noticing as I age the tone was decreasing so I was actually looking NOT cool.

This school year my last baby began school. I swore that this was going to be the year I start looking after me and exploring the me I have become. This is just another part of that commitment to myself. To love myself. To put me first. Because, like so many other moms out there we give our kids the world and most of us and somehow in the fray of all that, can loose track of ourselves. I was one of THOSE moms and after having kids at home all day with me for 20 years, I had plenty of time to lose track of me.

Now that I have lost this weight, I do not have a clue as to what sizes I am. I want to make some clothes but I stopped myself. Why? Well because I need to begin at the foundation...yes ladies that would be BRAS and panties. Without good foundation garments you can not have nice fitting clothes. NO IDEA on my current bra size...none, nadda these days. So priority one is that I have booked a self care day with my hubby for Saturday. He gets the kids and I get to drive over 100 km to get a bra fitting and some new foundation garments. From there, I can get an accurate bust measurement and begin sewing tops and more.

So...I guess I did just debut this series didn't I?  I think I am going to call it....

Sewing for the stranger that is YOU.

Let's face it. Weight loss is a journey. Life is a journey. Motherhood is a journey. We are all bound by a personal journey of one form or another. Here I will share this portion of my journey. My triumphs and failures as I build a wardrobe for this body that is mine but that I am not familiar with.

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