Wednesday, August 26, 2015


So, not only is BACK to SCHOOL getting closer (13 days folks...that is LESS than two weeks!) but today there is progress happening down in the studio space.

For those who do not know, we have this amazing river beside us, the Nechako. It offeres up stunning views from my favorite lounger on the deck. As you can see the sunsets are simply STUNNING!!

There is however a much darker side to this beautiful river. One that does not always play well with others (us!). This river has now twice felt it was perfectly ok to invade my home. The first time in 2007 when I was pregnant with Mr B ( actually the day I went to rip out soggy carpets I bent over puked, stood up and told hubby I thought I was pregnant...I was!) and more recently this past spring.

We hoped that the flooding would not be as devastating this year and in some regards it was not. We likely went in with a different view having been through it ready. We went step by step. Empty the basement and crawl space floor. Pull carpets when that became necessary. The the drywall. It seemed criminal to be destroying our perfectly good home. There was JUST enough water to warrant these actions but not even enough to pump out...maybe a couple inches. Compared to last time where we had a couple feet of water this seemed most trivial...except it was not. Our biggest issue is that this does not happen one day and be gone and mopped up the next. Our floods last for weeks and months. We call the lower level the "Racher Shack Pool".

So, here we are late August. The concrete is all dried out and the little bits of mess that floated around are cleaned up. We are ready to rebuild!

I would love to add photos but my phone is playing with blogger well today. For now suffice it to say I am thrilled!! Work has begun. The new drywall will be here tomorrow morning. Hubby will hang it but I am the mudder and taper. 

I just HAD to share my excitement!!! 

It has begun!!


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