Monday, December 7, 2015


I know we have folks stopping over from Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and wanted to welcome you all!!

I hope that you all enjoy your Spa Turban Headbands that were a free gift with purchase from the Black Friday Event Crystal and Scott held. I have "known" them for almost 8 years now and have truly loved watching their business grow and evolve as each of you have become their customer!

Nechako Notionary is my "landing spot". It is where all my "true loves" merge that help me define myself as a woman and more so a relevant human being. I think it is something that is important to EVERY individual.

So what does that mean? Honestly, it may depend on the day. Some days it may be sharing a creation that I made for my children. Others a canning adventure, or gardening. At times it is connecting with my artsy side. Most recently it was providing this gift for each of you to receive from Scott and Crystal and coming soon is working with a group of 80 kids in their school play. I have a large studio space and a fabric stash that is pretty EPIC (if I do say so myself) and working with fabric is likely my "first love".

As a woman who has a serious chronic health issue, I find that I feel I sometimes lack "relevance" and "value", atleast in my own perspective. Sometimes my ideas are larger than my ability. Sometimes I wish I am things that I simply can not be.

I WANT Nechako Notionary to be "something". Currently I am exploring that journey again after realizing that I can not do what I was doing. Right now, I am just wrapping up a year of "strengthening" and "self care" after a particularly difficult time healthwise.

I do hope that you will follow the blog (I promise you will never be bombarded, I am lucky to get a post in every couple of months) or even better follow Nechako Notionary on Facebook. I am most active on Facebook and have a few fun things planned for this year.

Nechako Notionary.... In the Studio, In the Kitchen, In the Great Outdoors. You will finds little bits of everything...but mostly, as women I hope we find little bits of ourselves that bring us inner joy.
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